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Certified Medical Device


Kangen Water was approved by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a medical device in 1974 and since then has seen use in hundred of hospitals in Japan. With a track record of over 40 years, Kangen Water is the only water ionizer in the industry to receive the Gold Seal from the Water Quality Association (WQA). The Water Quality Association was created in 1974 to advocate for the betterment of water quality. WQA utilises performance-based standards and certifications, and products certified with its Gold Seal must pass the rigorous testing requirements of industry standards, pass annual manufacturing facility audits, and comply with WQA’s Certification Schemes. With the Gold Seal certification on our Kangen machines, you can sleepy easy knowing that the water you drink is safe and of the highest quality you can get on the market.


The K8, SD501, SD501 Platinum, JRII and Super 501 machines are able to produce 5 types of water.:

  1. Kangen Water (drinking water with pH 8.5, pH 9.0 or pH 9.5)
  2. Clean Water (regular filtered water)
  3. Beauty Water (slightly acidic water with pH 5.5 for skincare)
  4. Strong Kangen Water (water with pH 11.5 for cleaning surfaces)
  5. Strong Acidic Water (water with pH 2.5 for disinfection)



The Mighty 8-Plate Anti-Oxidizer

The new Kangen K8 comes with 8 platinum-coated titanium plates to further increase its antioxidant production potential. As a guarantee of the quality of the machine, the Kangen K8 comes with an amazing 5 year warranty, and supports multi-voltage power input to allow it to function from virtually anywhere in the world.


LEVELUK SD 501 (Product code: SD 501)


The SD 501 is the flagship model of the Kangen Water LeveLuk Series. The 7 high quality platinum-coated titanium plates efficiently produce all 5 different types of water and is built to stand the rigours of daily use. With a 5 year warranty, the LeveLuk SD 501 is built to last and is designed to meet all the daily requirements of your household, with the assurance that water being dispensed is of the highest quality.





Introducing the BRAND NEW 5-Language SD501 Platinum!

The LeveLuk SD 501 Platinum comes with the same 7 platinum-coated titanium plates and 5 year warranty as the LeveLuk SD 501, but offers a voice prompt where you can select between 5 different languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish). In addition, the SD 501 Platinum is revamped with a modern and classy platinum body to add a touch of style and make your kitchen the envy of your guests.




The Energy Saver

While the JRII has only three solid platinum-coated titanium plates compared to the seven plates of the SD 501, this unit is still fully capable of producing strong acid (pH 2.5) water and strong Kangen water (pH 11.5). However, due to having fewer electrode plates and lower power consumption, the JRII is more suitable for singles or couples who are unlikely to consume as much water as a typical family household.





The Large Family Unit

Built with “elite” in mind, the LeveLuk Super 501 represents the pinnacle of its class. Housing a total of 12 electrode plates, the LeveLuk Super 501 comes with all the bells and whistles of the SD 501 while possessing a higher flow rate. This machine is built for extra heavy duty use and is also capable of producing Strong acidic water and Strong Kangen water much more efficiently than the SD 501. The LeveLuk Super 501 comes with a 3 year warranty.




Your Home Spa System

Using a three step process combining the use of filters, magnets and ceramics, ANESPA simulates the therapeutic effect of a relaxing hot spring. By filtering out particles like chlorine that are damaging for your skin and forming micro-clusters in the water, your bath water will pick up healthy minerals in ANESPA’s replaceable cartridge to be absorbed through the skin.